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Comprehensive Online Training – Only 150 euro to 24.10.2021 !


The price of training is PLN 599, the equivalent of EUR 150
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Choosing this type of training is a very convenient form of teaching today, without the need for direct contact, but with a very intensive interaction of the Trainee with the Trainer in a convenient online form.

The training includes:

• Rich in substantive information Training Materials, which contain all the absolute details that concern the rules for the implementation of OZONE TREATMENTS.
• Full Ozone Procedures – step by step what needs to be done to perform a fully effective and safe ozone treatment of the room.
• Health and safety with Ozone – important information on occupational safety with heavy, dangerous, but also beneficial gas such as OZONE.
• Disinfection, Deacarisation, Deodorization – principles, procedures, definitions – detailed discussion
• Ozone vs Sars-Covid2
• Disinfection of OZONE in public buildings, healthcare facilities
• Deodorization – permanent removal of nuisance odours
• OZONE sanitizing – effects on microorganisms
• Mites, Allergens, Mycotoxins vs OZONE
• Ozone and its unusual use.
• Technical specifications of ozone generators – how to precisely buy optimal equipment and not necessarily expensive.
• Comprehensive list of equipment required for OZONATION procedures
• Full and professional care and advice for the Student in the form of an e-mail.


Step 1 – Q&A Session
As soon as you have read the training materials, please prepare any questions and send them by e-mail to We respond efficiently and substantively.

Step 2 – If you are ready:
You send information to – you receive the exam card you print, fill out answers, sign and send back.

Step 3 – Issue permissions
You receive a CERTIFICATE, giving FULL PERMISSION TO PERFORM OZONE PROCEDURES in UE in electronic form. Don’t forget to provide the exact data you want to include on the document.

If you need a Sales Document, send the complete details for its issue in the comment during payment or on email:

Send the complete data you want on the Certificate with the permissions you obtain in the comment during payment or on email:

Important: There is no specific time for training or exam approach. It is up to the Student only to pass the entire training process.

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